We believe in small actions to make a difference. We stimulate a more natural and sustainable life, of hand in the mass and conscience of the collective. Less industrialization and more handmade.

Local production, slowfashion, handmade aprons fairly. Focus on production on demand and less in stock from the lean  optics of production.

Adherence to sustainable mobility and less emission of carbon dioxide into the environment. Deliveries by foot and means of collective transport.

​​Reuse. Use of recycled and organic fabrics. Ecobag as packaging for extended use.
Waste. Partnership with other brands for the use of thread trimming, fabric flaps. Partner brands in this chain: Atelier Cotton de Fadas, Polyana Saturnino and Alento.

Apron´s tag


Business cards and tags printed on the use of book printing paper.

 DeLaurentis selected in the Sebrae Fashion Sustainable 2017-2018 edict. 40 small businesses were selected to participate, over 15 months, in activities that will contribute to increased competitiveness, innovation, optimization of productive processes and use of resources in a sustainable way.

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